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YG Family in Singapore Press Conference

My last post here was almost a year ago! How time flies! I didn’t attend many media events this year as I have been busy with work and I noticed that the number of events has slowed down a bit.

Anyway, I got asked to attend the YG Family press conference at Resort World Sentosa last night. In true YG style, it was very well done and arranged. Kinda like no expense spared type of press conference. As usual with such large event, Q&A is already pre-determined up front so there was no questions opened to the floor. It was mostly a one-way communication between the MC and artist relaying their thoughts on the Q&A while the rest of us snapped photos and some made notes.

I haven’t been to any YG event before apart from 2NE1 with my husband (he enjoyed it!) so I’m guessing this weekend’s concert at the newly built Sports Hub is gonna be one of a kind! And and and … i never realised how good looking TOP is until I saw him in the flesh! Very handsome and tall! Tablo of Epik High was also there and he’s really funny!

I dont think I managed to take that many photos of WINNERS as they were seated at the back row and were being blocked most of the time.

So I won’t write more but will let the pictures do the talking. For more picture, please head on to http://fb.com/JYPStudios .

Note: Please do not crop, amend or remove my watermark. I will not tolerate anyone who steals my photos as I’ve caught a few who have done so and such actions will be dealt with most severely. Please credit back if you are sharing the photos.