I like taking photos and this is my playground

Pink Series | Day 1 | Jessie

I was given a challenge by Joe to take 1 photo a day of someone in a color of my choice for 30 days. I hesitated initially. But I decided to take up the challenge and I was quickly dismissed of the excuses I gave prior to that! It sounds like a fairly simple challenge – take 1 photo a day of people dressed in a color of my choice. Joe was running the white series and I wanted something different. I chose PINK. Why pink and not other colors? Well, I can’t see myself in pink in one form or another but I’ve seen many colleagues pulling off dresses/shirts with gusto. I thought to myself, it can’t be THAT hard to find random people wearing pink, given that I’m in the office/CBD district.

Let’s just say I was dead wrong. My first day, I walked around the office twice looking for some form of pink shirt/blouse and found nothing.

Last weekend, I met up with my friends in KL/Melaka and that’s where Pink series began. I present to you day-1 of Pink series featuring Jessie @ Jonker Street. And yes, I do realise pink comes in various shades but I’m trying my best to get all the pinks in-synced 🙂


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