I like taking photos and this is my playground

There are no ugly people, just ugly photographs.

I’m finally moving on to another role and it’s quite exciting. Been in between transitions to tidy up some handovers, we’re looking at mid-August. I’m happy. I hope to have a bit more time and not stress myself over numbers this time.


Photography has been exciting. Learning curve is very steep and there are times where I feel as if I don’t have enough hours in the day to learn/read up everything. But why rush when there’s really no reason to rush? The anxiety builds up on its own somehow.

I’ve been attending a few workshops and have been even more inspired and motivated to progress further. I’m very quiet in most workshops and most of the time, I sit/stand and observe other photographers alot. I just like to observe people in general and it’s a habit. I’ve also come to realise that a number of photographers like to justify their expensive and top-of-the-range gears and lenses with their photos, which is really unnecessary. We know it’s a 5DMKII and L-lens, we get the picture.  Some like to show-off their prowness and perhaps there’s an ego-price attached to being able to capture beautiful models. And I have no issues with photographing models.

But here’s a scenario which I observed. A good number of them places a beautiful model in front of them to photograph and says “it’s a great shot, great light, beautiful model” yada yada and everyone goes oohh and ahh over it (I did because the model was beautiful).  Upon closer scrutiny, the photographer will go further to say “but her arms are quite big…” and as such, the photo isn’t deemed ‘perfect’.

If you put a slim beautiful girl in front of ANY camera, she will look beautiful regardless. But what are we implying here? Is photography only meant for beautiful people? The word beautiful is overrated and mis-used. So if a person has imperfections or like me with very big arms, does it mean photos of me are all ugly? I’m not being overly sensitive (just because I also have big arms) but if your subject is not perfect in every sense, then work with the subject instead of throwing out comments on his/her imperfections. Oh and let’s not expect a Cindy Crawford lookalike to model for you everyday so you can justify your demi-god status in photgraphy, hmm?

There are no ugly people, just ugly photographs. Period.


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