I like taking photos and this is my playground

3 wishes …

I made 3 wishes yesterday for 2011 and prayed over it. That said, it will be an awesome year. I took this shot just now and man, I struggled so much with the auto-focus, was so pissed, was sweating like a pig and later I switched it off and went manual. I thought this should be an easy shot to execute given the huge amount of “how-tos” floating on the internet but after 2 memory cards, I was not happy with any of the photos! Grrrr!! I’m not sure why either .. perhaps composition, perhaps I’m just tired today and easily agitated.

So the below pic is the best of the lot. Actually there’s a better one but I forgot to flip the bokeh card so the love shape was pointing the other direction *smacks head*. Ah well, live and learn. Hope to do better the next few days.


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