I like taking photos and this is my playground

Toy Poodle Abuse

I saw a disturbing video posted on Facebook last night and I cried after watching it. The video was 15 minutes long and the poor poodle was subjected to so much abuse that I wanted so much to rescue him. Through out the 15 minutes video, the dog was punched, kicked, thrown about, smacked and everything you can think of! Just because the owners wanted the dog to stand on his 2 hind legs. Seriously, if anyone tracks them down, pls do the same to them and make them stand on their hands, see how they like it. The whole world is looking for them in FB, so much so that it’s made headline news in HK and Taiwan.

I really pray they hunt them both down and put them behind bars. People like them do not deserve to live.

Man treats dog as punching bag


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