I like taking photos and this is my playground

{Baby Stephane & Matthieu}

I had the opportunity to photograph my friend’s twin boys who are 3 months old. She’s my sister’s schoolmate and saw that I took photographs and asked if I wanted to experiment with her 2 boys. I jumped at the opportunity since I’ve never done any baby photography. I couldn’t sleep the night before and was busy scouring the net for inspirations. Given that the boys were 3 months old, I naturally found out through various google entries that it was also the most difficult age to photograph them as they begin to be able to lift their head, move their hands/feet etc. And I also learnt that the “best age” to photograph babies were in their first 10-12 days fresh from birth because that’s when they would just fall into deep sleep and let you do whatever you want with them.

Not deterred, I brought some props over and just as I was running down the stairs of my home, I found that we had 2 baskets, so I grabbed those as a last minute inspiration kicked in. I’m so glad I brought them! The boys are just beautiful and their eyes are so big and round. Matthieu was very responsive to the camera while Stephane threw some mini tantrums towards later of the day — guess he was tired and that the clicking sound didn’t help sooth/calm him. Maybe I should buy those elephant/beany thingy where you put it in front of the camera lens to attract their attention.

Anyway, here are some of my favourites (I have a lot!) and the full album is available here on my facebook page.


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