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Lee Seung Gi Press Conference – Singapore – Part 1

So I attended Lee Seung Gi’s (LSG) press conference today at Marina Square (MSQ). Let me just say I still can’t believe I actually went there and waited some 4 hours for him to appear! Talk about being a fan! Ok, I’ll admit that I went because how often do you see someone as famous as LSG come to you AND have a public press conference?! I was fiddling initially if I should head to the airport but I thought it’s gonna be crowded and I have to rush back to town again, so I stuck to my guns and planned for MSQ. My initial plan was to leave the house at 3pm but I couldn’t sit still so I left home at 130pm! I wore a cap because .. uhm, I didn’t want to be spotted? Haha, in the end I took it off anyway as I realised I wasn’t the oldest fan around! 😛 I lugged a backpack and my heavy camera and lens and stood for most of the time, my calves are screaming murder now.

Some fan account: LSG greeted us right on time at 530pm – something i was extremely happy about especially when I’ve heard of stories of how some artist make press/fans wait. When he came out of the side entrance which I suspected all along as I saw managernim and the organizer patrolling the area, screams were heard everywhere and boy were they loud and piercing! I was so excited that I forgot to take photos initially and it was probably a good thing as everyone was so excited that if I had tried taking photos then, I would have just someone’s hands instead.

Members of the media got to ask questions and LSG as usual gave some really smart, witty and funny replies. How can you not love this guy!! 3 lucky fans were also chosen to say something to LSG and first fan was a korean lady who was standing next to me the whole time while we were waiting a she said in Korean to him about how as he grows older and enter army and with different life experiences, he would be able to also improve and excel in his singing and acting. She also mentioned that she was 5 months pregnant and hopes that her kid will also carry his values and turn out just like him. Awwww!! I also want my bub to be just like him too! As the media conference was wrapping up, LSG stood and flashed his megawatt smile and as he was escorted away by managernim and bodyguards, there was another round of screaming by the girls nearby and I almost got shoved in the process but I backed of as I didn’t wanna drop my camera.

Anyway, here are some photos:

To avoid jamming the site with extremely large photos, i’ve uploaded the rest on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/JYPStudios


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