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Lee Seung Gi Press Conference – Singapore – Part 2

Went through all my photos and shortlisted another 40+ photos. I left out the duplicates/similar photos and of course the ones which are out of focus as I was on my toes most of the time to try and get a clear view of Mr Lee (and manager-nim) πŸ™‚ For earlier set of photos, you may refer to my earlier post – Part 1 here

I also made one into a desktop wallpaper calendar for the month of September *grin* – see below. As you can tell (much to the dismay of my husband .. haha), Lee Seung Gi fever is still very much alive even though it’s been 2 days since his fan meet. He’s heading for Taiwan next week and I’m sure the Taiwan Airens are gonna have one helluva good time. I wouldn’t mind reliving the experience again. He’s having a concert in Seoul on 1st and 2nd December. I’m thinking of attending but would need to know how we (me and husband) are gonna manage the baby if we intend to bring her along – what more it should be freezing by then in Seoul! I’m leaving you with some of my favourite photos on this blog. I now have a newfound hobby – taking photos of kpop stars … haha, if only i can make that into a career or if someone is willing to hire me pls contact me! πŸ˜›

During the press conference, a noona stood next to me and we chatted and even shared pics of our kids – she has 2 boys and I have a 3 month old baby girl. She also showed me the video she took at the airport when Lee Seung Gi arrived and she said I could have gotten really good shots of him there too. Aishhhh! Oh well, I kept taking photos and just as the press conference was about to end, I sprinted to the other end without saying goodbye to the Noona or even taking her name/contact! Argh! So noona if you’re reading this, pls do drop me a mail at jypstudios@gmail.com and establish contact again. So sorry for running away like that!

I have one wishlist ticked off now, my next biggest wishlist (which I’ve been wishing for quite some time) is to attend Sung Si Kyung’s concert. Unfortunately he’s always performing in Korea/Japan and so far he hasn’t ventured overseas yet I think. Hopefully he’ll come to singapore one day too. And who can forget Psy’s explosive concert?! That man knows how to party … another wishlist πŸ˜‰

More photos are uploaded at my facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/JYPStudios.

To download this desktop wallpaper calendar, click on the photo above and save the full resolution onto your computer

And lastly, who can forget the dashing manager-nim? πŸ˜› Why hasn’t anyone scouted him as a model already?? Pls excuse some of the photos as I was tiptoeing half the time when i took pics of him as he was quite far away and with a heavy gear, some camera shake is bound to happen.


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