I like taking photos and this is my playground

NU’EST ShowKase in Singapore by KPOPGAGA

Note: Please do not crop, amend or remove my watermark. I will not tolerate anyone who steals my photos as I’ve caught a few who have done so and such actions will be dealt with most severely. 

I was invited by KPOPGAGA to photograph the NU’EST showcase event. Prior to this invitation, I have to admit that I’ve never heard of them. With the large number of groups being generated in Korea, it can be quite hard to keep up. Nonetheless, I was optimistic about this Group and did my research on them. I also found out about each member and their age, which made me feel really old! 😛 But after meeting and covering them for 2 days, I realise they do not look their age at all and are very down to earth with pleasant personality.

The ShowKase was held at St James and it was packed with screaming fans. Fans who bought ‘Ambassador’ tickets (limited at $500 which comes with CD & Poster) also got the chance to receive autographs, have their photos taken, attend press conference, dinner and even follow through from arrival to departure! Something which no other event organizer has done before I believe.

I’ll admit that despite knowing very little about them, their performance was awesome and I can understand why they have such a huge following even though they have only debuted early this year. You can read more about the event at here and here. I’ll leave with some of the photos I took that day. Special Thanks to KPOPGAGA for the opportunity to photograph this event and stay tuned to KPOPGAGA for future showcase/events!

More photos on my facebook page — JYP STUDIOS

About NU’EST (Extracted from KPOPGAGA)

As the first male group to debut under Pledis Entertainment in March this year, NU’EST was initially known as the Pledis Boys from their past appearances and unofficial promotions with labelmates Son Dambi and After School. Staging their debut on Mnet M! Countdown on March 15th this year, NU’EST has since gained a solid fanbase with their highly anticipated singles, ‘FACE’ and ‘ACTION’. Comprising of 5 members namely JR (Leader/Main Rapper), Aron(Vocalist/Lead Rapper), Baek Ho (Main Vocalist), Min Hyun (Lead Vocalist) and Ren(Maknae/Vocalist), NU’EST stands for New Established Style and Tempo – a new style icon that differentiates from the rest and goes for an urban electro musical style with 5 different characters and the best visuals. Check out the music video of ‘FACE’ below!


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