I like taking photos and this is my playground

Miss A at ION – Meet and Greet

I think I’m too old for all this. Motherhood must have changed my body so much that these days I feel tired just from taking photos. Anyway, Miss A is in town for their fan meeting tomorrow and as part of their stopover in Singapore, they stopped by ION Mall – specifically Armani Exchange for a short meet and greet.

I was ready to can the trip as I got home tired, drenched from an outing at the zoo earlier today with the kid but after a short power nap, I packed and rushed off to ION with the husband along in tow as we plan to have dinner.

Miss A was due to appear at 7pm but lord knows what took them so long that they only appeared at 8pm and left after what, 30 minutes?! Anyway, I arrived late and couldn’t get proper view with all the boys towering over me (what do they feed kids these days?! :P).  I saw 3 boys carrying each other trying to get a good shot of Miss A so I offered them my camera and they helped me to snap away. Only managed to salvage 4 photos as the rest are out of focus. Most of them are of Suzy; Min was blocked half the time.

Suzy is really sweet and pretty among the 4 of them, explains why Seung Gi said the same thing too 😛

To Shen, if you’re reading this, thank you and your 2 friends so much for the help!! 🙂

IMG_6171wm IMG_6137wm IMG_6140wm IMG_6155wm


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