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Sparta Kookie aka Kim Jong Kook in Singapore!

So I’m a huge fan of Running Man and with the announcement that Sparta/Commander/KJK/Kookie will be holding a fan meeting here in Singapore, I decided I must go and see him in the flesh! A fellow airen and friend (Raf) also wanted to go and we made plans to go together. (Raf – thanks so much for helping me buy the ticket and what an awesome night!!)

And let me just say we can’t stop spazzing over him! This post is probably gonna sound like a small kid spazzing over her bias, haha. Prior to this I’ve only heard 2 or 3 of his songs and he has a very unique voice (often teased by his RM gang for his ‘mosquito’ voice). For a man of his built, he sure can hit the high notes! Anyway back to the fan meeting, it was the usual, fan interaction, games etc and I read somewhere that tickets was sold out! This is the same venue Seung Gi had his fan meeting last year in Singapore (see Part 1 and Part 2 of press con photos).

Back to KJK, after all that fan interaction/games, he sang a few of his hit songs. Loveable was one of the songs he sang and the dance is so funny and cute. Raf and I planned that if either of us got picked to sing the chorus of Loveable, we’d jig our way like him as well, bwahahah! He speaks excellent English with an American accent. Despite having a translator with him, he hardly used her to translate as he attempted to answer everything himself.

When the event was over, we waited for our photo session and we waited for almost  2 hours for our turn, partly because every group photo session was in numbers of 8 (excl KJK) and the organizer decided they needed to tag every single person, ask for their email on the tag and line us up (why won’t they just set up a site and post the photos and we download directly is beyond me!). We were maybe the last 3 or 4 groups for the photo session and there were 2 photo sets being set up and KJK was going back and forth taking photos.

Just before our turn, I told Raf that a few people in the group before us got hugs! She got all excited 😀 It was our turn, we placed our bags and the security told us choose our positions (i.e. sit on the chair/floor or stand). Raf and I took the seats and in between us was where KJK would sit. I think our hearts were pounding so hard and fast that I almost couldn’t breathe when he walked over to us.

First thing he did was to shake hands with EVERYONE! From the girls sitting on the floor, to us and the guys standing behind us. I’M NOT KIDDING, HE IS SO NICE AND OBLIGING! Even through out the FM, he was so nice to everyone that went on stage! As he sat down between me and Raf, I was stumped for a moment – I didn’t know if I should hold his arm/curl mine around his arm or what, but the next thing he said was “Come closer”. At this point, Raf wanted to faint, I was grinning like a silly girl and wanted to scream. But that wasn’t just it, he put his arms around us (just like he did to all his fans!).

The photographer took 2 shots and the whole time I told myself, better pray my eyes are wide open! Raf turned to him and asked if she could squeeze his arm and he said sure (he flexed and it was solid!), haha! As we got up and the security trying to usher us out, he shook hands with all the girls again, HUGGED EVERYONE OF US and said Thank You!! ARGH! When he hugged me, I told him in Korean – thank you and I had a great time, and i think I heard him say ‘no problem’.

Ok,[/end spazzing] – altho to be honest, such spazzing doesn’t end for maybe another 2-3 weeks? 😛 Check out this fancam of him singing ‘Men Are All Like That’. As with most fan meeting, photography isn’t allowed and yesterday’s security was really tight. I brought a micro 4/3 which is still small and managed to sneak it in. I only took like 8 photos? I sat in row S so that’s almost 20 rows away from the stage. At such a distance and zooming in (plus shaky hands), the pictures gets very grainy/noisy and out of focus. So these are the best that I managed – definitely not as clear as using a dSLR. I remember looking behind me to make sure no security was around and after a while I gave up as it was too grainy and I was enjoying the FM too much.

Jong Kook oppa (for once I get to call someone ‘oppa’ legitimately!), we’ll meet again and you have yourself a big fan now. Here’s also hoping that Running Man will grace our shores one day!

Copyright JYP Studios

Copyright JYP Studios

Copyright JYP Studios


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