I like taking photos and this is my playground

Hyun Bin Press Conference

Hyun Bin arrived Singapore early Friday morning (around 1am) and a few of us decided to meet at Bugis+ for dinner but also to check out his press conference for fun since it was a public one. About 2 hours before the press conference, shya messaged me and told me – that I can help cover the event (i.e. be within the media barricade instead of the public!). I rushed off from work and headed straight for Bugis+ as the press conference was suppose to start at 6pm. Good thing traffic was kind.

The press conference started pretty much on time and there were many fans around. Not sure why but this is the first press conference where I was sweating buckets! Maybe it was really warm there. I paced myself, didn’t fire my shutter blindly. Hyun Bin is very soft spoken, something which really surprised me since I was quite used to his brash character in Secret Garden. So for a while I had this big mismatch in my head between what I thought I knew of him and what I was seeing in real life, haha.

Hyun Bin also admitted that he looks fierce/stern in some of his photos and I saw that in quite a number of my photos. So I decided to change the mood a little – you may be able to spot it when you see the photos 🙂 I’m still very weak at editing so I try not to go overboard other than just minor corrections. I shall not write anymore and post some photos.

More available at JYP STUDIOS facebook page! Do you have a favourite? Let me know what you think! ^^

Note: Please do not crop, amend or remove my watermark. I will not tolerate anyone who steals my photos as I’ve caught a few who have done so and such actions will be dealt with most severely. 

IMG_6962a IMG_6986a IMG_6991a IMG_7005a IMG_7028a IMG_7049a


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