I like taking photos and this is my playground

Kim Jong Kook Fan Meeting in Malaysia

A bit behind my photo posting but that’s because I’m so ridiculously swamped with work. Doesn’t help that there’s so much changes going on at the office front either 😦

Anyway this was taken one month ago after a crazy week when the kid was hospitalized for viral fever and I had to rush and fly back to KL for work, bringing the kid along so that my parents can help take care as the husband was away in Tokyo for work. Needless to say that week, I looked like an absolute wreck as I had only average 5 hours of sleep over the 3 nights I had to spend in the hospital caring for the kid.

I was glad to end the rather hectic week with a fan meeting. I attended as a paying audience since I bought tickets with Raf much earlier but wasn’t sure if I could make it with all the problems. But I was very glad I did because true to KJK style, I had such a good time and it was one helluva fan meeting. The venue was .. hmm, really odd as I’ve never been there before and it was in the middle of nowhere but I have no complaints as it was really well done despite the accessibility of it. I also had media pass for this fan meeting but I didn’t bring my SLR and long lens because it was impossible for me to carry so many things back from Singapore, so I trusted my Fuji X10 to perform and man, I’ll never touch this camera again – the amount of noise produced is unbelievable! What more the shutter response was ridiculously slow. And this is one fan meeting even where they didn’t bother with any bag check and even allowed people to take photos! ARgh .. anyway, I managed some photos, wasn’t impressed with them but better than none I guess. KJK was awesome!! I got to hug him again .. ahahha but nobody was luckier than my good friend, Raf who was the envy of all girls! 🙂











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