I like taking photos and this is my playground

Lee Seung Gi – Bangkok Press Conference

After a year, I got to see him again. It’s funny how things pan out .. when the dates for his Singapore fan meeting was announced, I was a lil disappointed as I couldn’t make it given that I had to go back to Malaysia for a wedding. So I felt kinda bummed that I couldn’t take any nice photos of him again!

Then in the midst of being buried in the piles and piles of workload, I arranged for a quick trip over the long national day weekend with the husband and baby to Bangkok since it’s been ages since I last went there and I was having crazy craving for real thai food! And as the days go by … I suddenly realised Seung Gi’s FM coincides with my travel dates! Rotten luck would have it that I couldn’t secure a flight back after his FM so that meant I couldn’t attend his FM at all. Bah! Oh well, at least I got to attend the press conference and take some photos.

Seung Gi — is a great photography subject if you ask me (especially among all the kpop stars I’ve manage to photograph in the past). He’s very candid in front of the media and cameras so you get very nice photos of him. Who can also resist that perfect smile? 🙂 It was great seeing him again .. I noticed his eye bags have gotten puffier and the crows feet seem more visible this time. But what I don’t get is how these k-stars stay and look younger and younger as they age!

Some of my favourite photos are posted below … more available at JYP Studios







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