I like taking photos and this is my playground


49th National Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championships 2011

A little behind on my blog posts and photos. A lot has happened since the last post but i’d rather not get into the details. Let’s just say it’s all good 🙂 I took the below photos about 6 months ago. My former personal trainer was competing for the title of Mr Singapore again (he won on 2006 and 2011 again – Congrats Adrian!) so I was happy to photograph something which was not the norm that I’m used to. The 70-200mm is a great lens, if only it wouldn’t cost so much 😛 I spent the whole day using it and loved every bit of it! And no, I still haven’t bought myself one so far, surprising eh? 😛

Adrian currently runs a gym on Orchard Road – you can check out the website and his blog here.

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