I like taking photos and this is my playground


Like Father, Like Daughter

Pa and I have a very close relationship. It’s not a “daddy’s girl” thing but the fact that I click so well with him on everything – from the food we eat, from the things we do, our topics of interest, our love for music and most of all, our passion for photography. Pa used to take so many photos of us everywhere we went with his old Minolta SLR that we used to get agitated because it wasn’t just one shot, it was multiple shots at various angles! Looking back, I can understand why because I do that now with my camera and subjects (i.e. The hubby)

I thank my Pa for all the memories he caught on film as I can still look back and admire the photos.

Today we went for dinner and we saw someone peddling faux Crocs. It was only RM25/pair vs RM160 for the real thing. For crocs, it’s either you love them or you hate them.

Pa and I bought a pair each and we concluded we loved it for it’s comfort. Not many fathers and daughters can pull off yellow Crocs, we did 🙂 My pa rawks!